Dr. Larry Mills Endowed Chair of Business


Larry Mills Chair of BusinessDr. Larry Mills

This year, Southern Nazarene University is launching the Dr. Larry Mills Endowed Chair in recognition of Dr. Mills 48 years of exemplary and selfless service to Southern Nazarene University and the School of Business.  The endowment will forever imprint his character and dedication on the School of Business as it guides, inspires, and directs the future of the School of Business and the faculty and staff who lead it.


Dr. Mills believed his students could achieve anything with a strong faith in God and a determination to work hard. He modeled this Christ-like attitude without wavering.  His humble, wise, and compassionate character often drew students to him for counsel. He always made the time for those who needed leadership, guidance, or just a listening ear.  While we can never duplicate Dr. Mills, we want to continue the high quality of leadership he embodied as we move toward the future.


We are asking you, in honor of Dr. Mills' 48 years of contributions to higher education and in honor of future leaders who are embarking on their journey towards a degree in the School of Business, to consider contributing to the Dr. Larry Mills Endowed Chair campaign.  The endowment goal is $2 million which will provide funding to hire and retain professors who embody the values he modeled.  Your generosity will help us meet this ambitious goal.


Dr. Larry Mills

“The hand written notes I would find in my SNU mailbox whenever

I was in Dr. Mills classes were so encouraging and helped me feel like I was among family.” ~ Emily King Newlin


Thank you for caring for SNU students and faculty for the number of years you have.  Thank you for being an example of a Christian man who pays attention to the details and truly loves his students.  I always enjoyed our time together.” ~ J.C. Airington




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